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Types of Services Available
It is the policy of the Eaton Funeral Home to provide information to the public about funeral arrangements.

Today, when individual attitudes require a variety of funeral service alternatives, the family will discover itemized funeral charges to be informative and helpful when considering service details.

Greater satisfaction will come to those who carefully consider the value of all details offered to fulfill their personal needs. A copy of the individual price quotation lists is available upon request.

Our charges, are only for what is done. We have had these plans for many years. Perhaps, many people did not know. The way funeral charges are set forth is governed by Missouri law and therefore not the easiest to explain. Doing it in person is by far the best.

You will note that The Eaton Funeral Home is a full service firm, offering anything anyone might want, whether it be much or little. There is no need to go elsewhere for anything pertaining to a death.

We have several methods of pre-financing funeral charges so that things are all taken care of in advance. These are all secure and regulated plans, sparing you and your family and further concern. They can be made irrevocable in case funds should be completely removed from the person's control.

In any case, whatever choice of service you may have in mind we suggest you inform those close to you regarding what you want done. Also consult your funeral director for other suggestions and advice for your own piece of mind.

In the troubled, indefinite and changing times in which we are now living, there seems to be even more than ever a need for support and reassurance. We somehow feel we are solving problems and helping families when it is needed most. We appreciate the public and we do feel rewarded in serving them.

"...death is a phase of life, and places certain responsibilities on the shoulders of those left behind."

"...far-sighted families are establishing the costs of their future services long before the need arises."

" control what you want done, as there will be no stress of obligation or imposed pressure sales tactics"

You may never be called upon to decide on funeral arrangements but on the average, this duty occurs about once every fifteen years. When that responsibility arises, many find themselves unprepared. Knowing in advance what steps to take will help make clear thinking and competent planning possible. A sensible person realizes that death is just a phase of life, and that it places certain responsibilities on the shoulders of those left behind. It is wise to make plans to meet these obligations - well in advance of need.

Because many people have inquired about the various services available to them through our facilities, we are offering you this information on an important issue of the day. Advance funeral arrangement is an intelligent, modern-day precaution... as it assures fulfillment of your personal wishes in every detail. It is a thoughtful step appreciated most by those left behind. Through the Eaton Prearrangement Plan, far-sighted families are establishing the costs of their future services long before the need arises. In this way, decisions are arrived at carefully, without the stress of sudden necessity. Prepayment is not required and there is no charge for this special Eaton service.

Advance payment for a future service can also be privately arranged, if you wish. Your money will be protected in a special trust account, which is interest-bearing and insured and remains untouched until time of need.
Whatever the case, whether you want to establish an Eaton Prearrangement Plan - with or without prepayment, you may be assured that NO salesmen's' commission will be added to or charged against any plan. In this way, you control what you want done, as there will be no stress of obligation or imposed pressure sales tactics.

BEFORE YOU INVEST ANY OF YOUR TIME OR MONEY into a prearrangement funeral plan offered by others, contact us. We are Prearrangement specialists; we are willing to discuss costs and personal choices, you will learn all the facts... about price ranges, procedures, death benefits, and all services to you. All prearrangements made at Eaton's are held in the strictest of confidence, of course. Please feel free to ask us for assistance.

Eaton Funeral Homes are registered with the State of Missouri as sellers and providers of pre-need funeral contracts, pursuant to the provisions of Senate Bill 644.

Traditional Service
Normally includes, but is not limited to, an evening's visitation, embalming, dressing, and other specialized technical and professional care as required; licensed Missouri funeral director and staff; use of funeral home facilities for visitations and funeral use; creating and processing death certificate and other required papers; assistance with insurance, social security, and veterans matters; newspaper notices, hearse services, arrangement and care of floral tributes; all equipment and furnishings as needed for funeral home or church services; arrangements pertaining to religious services, clergy, cemetery, crematory, or other items as required; wide range of caskets and vaults; clothing and other supplies as needed; and twenty-four hour attention to all details.

The Traditional Funeral is usually concluded by either earth burial, cremation, or entombment.

Memorial Service
This service uses our normal facilities, staff and equipment. The service does not differ from that in which the body is present except with these differences: Embalming is not necessary. In the cases where the family "opts" for no embalming, we use instead what we call disinfection and basic services as necessary, but done in a dignified manner, to comply with laws. In either case, the body is then buried, entombed, or cremated, and memorial services are conducted at a later date, either at a church, residence, or the funeral home.

Direct Cremation and Burial
Disinfection and basic services are all provided as necessary and done in a dignified manner, to comply with laws. Embalming is an option. There are no services at a church or funeral home. The body is taken directly to the cemetery or crematory for final disposition. In this case, families have valued most of our advice and help in seeing that a lot of the "little things" are taken care of themselves. We still provide the attendant paperwork and Missouri licensed funeral director and staff.

This type of simple disposition need not be callous or uncaring, as the survivors still need the support of friends.

We do indeed handle an anatomical gift of the body, along with attendant paperwork. In Missouri, this does require a funeral director, no embalming (except in certain cases) processing a death certificate, hearse services, etc. This too, involves survivors and details, and should not be handled lightly or callously. (But note that even though the body is given for study, a service can be held. Relatives should be consulted.)

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