The Eaton Funeral Home, Inc Sullivan Missouri
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Bourbon Chapel

A branch facility of Eaton Funeral Home, Inc.

In January 1981, the Eaton Funeral Home opened a chapel facility in Bourbon, Missouri, located
at 743 Olive Street.

743 Olive St.
Bourbon, MO 65441
Phone: (573) 732-5955
Fax: (573) 468-2394

Eaton Funeral Home, Southside Chapel

Formerly Hassebroek Funeral Home

A subsidiary of EFH, Inc.

Eaton Funeral Home, Southiside Chapel
301 Sappington Bridge Rd.
Sullivan, MO 63080
Phone: (573) 468-4123

Hassebroek's Memorial Funeral Home Inc. of Sullivan follows the tradition begun by Thomas P. Shaffer in the late teens and early 1920's when he first partnered with H. Long in Bourbon and later with his brother, Tracy, in the undertaking business.

By 1924, Shaffer Brothers (Tom and Tracy) owned and operated a furniture and undertaking business in Sullivan. In 1925, Tom was a licensed embalmer and ventured into the funeral business on his own. Located at the corner of Clark and Euclid streets, it was known as Shaffer's Chapel.

Tom retired in the late fifties, and he sold the funeral home and business to Ken Lenox of St. Clair and Willard "Bud" Strauser of Sullivan. A corporation was then formed by Lenox and the name was changed to the Sullivan Funeral Home.

A new facility was built at Sappington Bridge Road in 1961. In 1963, Robert and Nancy Hassebroek purchased the majority of the stock, and the name was changed to Hassebroek's Funeral Home, as it is known today.

In March of 1999, Jim and Mary Ann Eaton purchased the Funeral Home and have continued the Hassebroek tradition of service to the Sullivan community.

Meramec Regional Crematory

Meramec Regional Crematory serves the funeral trade only and it is owned and operated by the Eaton family.

For information on cremation, please contact your local funeral director.

Located directly across from the Eaton Funeral Home at
338 N. Clark Ave
Sullivan, MO 63080.

Eaton Funeral Home
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Eaton Funeral Home
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